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Best Mattress For Preventing Bed Sores (The Definitive Guide)

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Getting up with a sore back, hip, or shoulder can be attributed to your mattress. A mattress that is too hard or too soft can aggravate stress points on your body when you lie down.

You can have different sleep patterns depending on how you prefer to sleep. You might experience more pressure on your hips and shoulders if you sleep on your side.

There are mattresses that can help. We have actually put together a list of the 10 best mattresses for pressure points to start you off on your search.
Best Mattress For Preventing Bed Sores

1. GhostBed Luxe

When in bed for a long period of time, the heat from the body may raise the temperature of the bed, making the stay uncomfortable. Ghostbed Luxe does not have this problem. By allowing you to drain your body heat away from the surface of the mattress, this mattress not only helps with reducing pressure abscess, but also keeps you comfortable.

The 7-layer Ghostbed Luxe provides the appropriate conformity to pressure points, enough support to ease back and joint discomfort, as well as enough bounce for active sleep. Sleeping longer has never been so comfortable.

Ghostbed Luxe’s medium plush feel makes it great for back and side sleepers, and okay for belly sleepers. This mattress has a deluxe feel as couples look for motion isolation in mattresses. In addition, the bottom layer, which is 7.5 inches thick high-density foam, assures you will enjoy your mattress for a long time without experiencing sagging edges.

2. Saatva

The Saatva is regarded as one of the very best mattresses to prevent bedsores. The design is specially built to prevent bedsores. Over the strong coils of the Saatva is a thick pillow-top. As a result, the mattress can hug tender body components while maintaining a neutral posture. When everything is aligned correctly, there is no stress build-up, which implies fewer chances for bedsores.

There’s much more to it than that. Saatva mattresses come in three different comfort levels, another wonderful feature. Any resting placement, as well as any kind of sleeper (mostly heavy or normal sleepers) can utilize the pillow.

Additionally, you will appreciate the fact that this mattress comes with a long trial period (180 nights). Saatva gives a longer trial period than its rivals (Puffy offers a 101-night trial and Layla offers a 120-night trial), so you can examine whether or not it can minimize pressure points and prevent bedsores. This is a big plus for me.

3. WinkBeds

Winkbed is, of course, one of the most effective mattresses for stopping bedsores. Bedsores are less likely to occur with the thick comfort layers and adapting materials.

Aside from its pressure-relieving properties, the Winkbed offers strong assistance. This helps sleepers maintain a neutral spine during the evening, which reduces stress. Winkbeds are available in four firmness levels as well as are designed to suit a wide range of body types as well as sleeping positions.

4. Nectar

Nectar is another excellent mattress for preventing bedsores. Memory foam is used in this design to provide immediate relaxation as well as pressure relief, reducing tension from extending parts. Nectar is therefore one of the best mattresses for stress abscess.
Due to its medium-firm feel, I think the Nectar would certainly work for a wide variety of sleepers. This mattress is most comfortable for those who sleep on their backs. It may also be comfortable for those who sleep on their sides. You can test your Nectar for 365 nights and then return it for a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

5. Puffy Mattress

Puffy is one of the very best mattresses for stopping bedsores because it integrates reasonable prices and a sound design. By using a mattress such as this one that offers quick stress release, stress ulcers can be prevented.
Its medium feel could be beneficial for a range of users and sleeping positions. Despite experiencing a traditional memory foam hug, the Puffy will not leave you sweating. Likewise, the resilient shift layer will not make you feel trapped.

6. Helix Midnight Luxe

Finding a mattress that fits both your preferences can be difficult when you have a partner. Helix is a great firm to begin with since they provide choices for all kinds of sleepers. We prefer the Helix Midnight Luxe from their medium-firm mattress collection. This mattress is designed for side sleepers due to its hybrid design. The mattress comes with free delivery, a 15-year warranty, and also a 100-night sleep test.

The Helix Twelve O’clock At Night Luxe has a medium suppleness rating, but there are stronger and softer options available. The model is constructed of DuraDense foam under a Zoned Body Shape layer that consists of more than 1,000 individually wrapped coils. As well as providing lumbar support, pocketed coils respond independently to movement. The layers of state-of-the-art polyfoam, gel visco foam, and memory foam conform to your body and also relieve pressure points.

7. Nolah Mattress

It is hard to sleep when you are in pain. A bad mattress can make things worse. Usually, nighttime pain is caused by a lack of spinal support and stress points. If you’re trying to find a mattress that reduces stress and improves support, then the Nolah Original might be for you. The classic 10-inch mattress offers cooling comfort, stress relief, and back support at an affordable price.

The Nolah Original mattress is an all-foam mattress with three layers of foam. Underneath is a 7-inch layer of high-density assistance foam, followed by a 1-inch layer of high-resilience foam. It is covered in two inches of Nolah AirFoam, which offers remarkable pressure relief and keeps you cool and comfortable. A breathable cover that wicks away moisture covers the mattress perfectly, so it contours to your body without trapping heat. Nolah mattresses are free to ship and also have a 120-night trial period.

8. Idle Sleep

Memory foam is one of the most effective options for press relief. You may feel hot and uncomfortable when sleeping on memory foam because it traps heat. Keeping your skin dry is crucial to preventing bedsores. In contrast to traditional memory foam mattresses, the Idle Sleep Gel Deluxe mattress is made with gel foam, which wicks away heat to keep you comfy and cool.

Idle Sleep Gel Deluxe mattress includes an 8-inch high-density foam base, as well as a 3-inch layer of Still memory foam. The layer conforms to your body while being a lot more thermally neutral than regular memory foam. There is a two-inch layer of gel-infused buoyancy foam followed by a one-inch layer of cooling buoyancy foam. The whole thing is covered in a 1-inch Ice Fabric cover with a quilted surface for extra comfort.

9. Layla Sleep

If you want to prevent bedsores from forming or prevent them from worsening, you need to change your position regularly. There is no doubt that avoiding pressure on one part of the body is crucial, but finding a mattress that adapts to your needs can be difficult. If you’re having trouble finding the right mattress, you may want to consider a dual-sided mattress like the Layla Memory Foam. It is rated Deluxe (4/10) on one side and Firm (7/10) on the other, so you can switch sides at your convenience.

Layla Memory Foam mattresses are made with copper-gel memory foam, which wicks away heat better than conventional memory foam. The material is normally antimicrobial, which contributes to a cleaner sleeping environment. There is a supportive core surrounded by layers of Max Air movement support foam and copper-gel memory foam. Turn the mattress over and also put the other side up if you want it firmer. Layla mattresses come with free shipping as well as a 120-night sleep trial – you can return them within that time frame for free if you’re not satisfied.

10. Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress is developed to reduce pain and also discomfort regardless of how you sleep.
These gel hulls, which provide more support than foam alone, are positioned to keep the back aligned and prevent sinking. For lift and air circulation, this hybrid mattress combines three layers of perforated foam with springs. There are 121 recycled plastic containers used to make the cover.
Sleeping on a cloud is compared to Casper Wave Hybrid reviews. With ten years of limited warranty, a trial period of 100 evenings is used.

How Does A Mattress Prevent Bed Sores?

We need to understand what a bed sore is before we can comprehend how a mattress can prevent them. A bed sore is an area of skin that has been damaged or has been harmed by constant stress.
People with limited mobility or skin conditions usually encounter this problem when they are confined to their beds for a prolonged period of time. Different types of mattresses can protect against bed sores. There are static mattresses, dynamic mattresses, as well as hybrid mattresses. They all perform differently.
In static mattresses, foam is used to evenly distribute the patient’s weight. As a result, there is less strain on specific factors.
In most cases, these prevent bed sores rather than cure them. A client who already has bed sores would certainly need to be rearranged as well.
A pressure pump on the mattress inflates and deflates bubble cells simultaneously. Inflated cells provide support, while decreased ones relieve skin pressure. Both prevention and healing are possible with these mattresses.
Hybrid mattresses are the last type of mattress. A mattress of this type incorporates the benefits of fixed and dynamic mattresses, making it an excellent choice for people with a high risk of developing bed sores. You can easily change the mattress from a static one to a vibrant one or vice versa depending on the patient’s preference.

Which Mattress Type Is Best for Preventing Bed Sores?

The best mattresses for preventing bedsores are those that relieve stress. Memory foam and latex are generally the best choices. They allow the body to be adjusted close to the mattress. In addition to accommodating curves, they also distribute weight evenly and lower tension while hugging pressure points.

Despite their similarities, these two materials are quite different. The memory foam is much less springy and also takes a long time to form after it is forced. As a result, foam mattresses can feel like quicksand on the body of the sleeper. The latex does not entrap sleepers since it springs back faster. Using a latex mattress, you may feel like you are resting “on” your bed rather than “in” it.

Memory foam sleeps warm because it traps heat. Many users prefer open-cell or gel-infused foam because it is more temperature-neutral. When it comes to latex, it is already quite cooling, so it does not require additional elements to achieve that result.

It is also possible to use an air mattress, but not every airbed will work. In order to achieve this, alternating-pressure mattresses are required, which are usually very expensive and are typically found in hospitals. It is better to treat bedsores than to prevent them.

Hybrid mattresses are also worth considering. They provide both pressure relief and strong support. You should pick a crossbreed mattress that has thick comfort layers made of latex or foam (or both). Thick mattresses provide a good hug while preventing protruding parts of your body from getting into the coil core.

Tips to Buying the Best Mattress for Preventing Bed Sores

Mattresses that are simultaneously comfortable and perfectly suited to alleviate bed sores don’t exist.

It is certainly imperative that you thoroughly research each possible version before narrowing down your list of choices.

The following tips will help speed up the process:


Pressure relief is crucial when it comes to bedsores. So, you should choose a mattress with pressure-relieving comfort layers, such as memory foam or latex. Foam with a higher density is much more durable than squishier foam with a lower density. As a result of its long lifespan, it is one of the most durable mattress products.

Temperature Regulation

When you’re recovering or need to stay in bed due to a health problem, you may find it hard to sleep. However, if you sweat all night, it’s almost impossible, right?

If you don’t like sleeping warm, consider a latex mattress. Gel-infused foam would also work, as the grains would draw the body’s heat and also store it to keep you cool down.

There are foams with open-cell frameworks that increase breathability and also contribute to cooling.

Hybrid mattresses should be inspected for convenience layers, as memory foam can trap heat if it is too thick. Gel-infused, open-cell, or latex would be excellent choices here.


One of the best ways to prevent pressure ulcers is to change positions frequently. It’s better to buy a mattress that guarantees simplicity of use (if you can use it on your own). In general, latex and hybrid mattresses are quite lively as well as don’t restrict activity. If you like memory foam, you should choose a mattress with a strong transition layer (polyurethane foam or latex). As a result of the bounce, you may be able to change positions more easily.


When choosing a mattress for stress ulcers, it must also accommodate your body weight and position. In case your bed is too soft or too tight, your spine could be out of alignment. If you spend most of your time lying on your back, you probably need a medium-firm mattress. It is best to choose a soft or soft-to-medium bed if you like to lie on your side. In case you can sleep on your stomach (and also find it comfortable to do so), you may want to choose a mattress that would certainly sustain your body as well as protect against unwanted contours in your back.


An excellent mattress must have superior elements. If you’re shopping for a hybrid mattress, pay attention to the coil gauge as well as the density of the foam (this also applies to latex). Support coils with a reduced scale number are thicker and more resilient. Additionally, the stitching on the mattress and the material of the cover indicate a high level of quality. Polyester would certainly be cheaper than cotton or viscose, which are more natural materials.

Cost of Mattress

Hybrid and latex mattresses are generally much more expensive than foam mattresses. Many mattress companies offer financing to their customers, so there is always a way to get a new bed without going broke.


For individuals with moderate mobility issues, a taller bed can be easier to enter and exit. If you are part of this group, keep in mind that hybrid mattresses are usually the thickest and can reach a height of 14 (or even 16) inches.

Edge Support

Even if you have mild flexibility issues, you might be able to rise by pushing your arms right into the mattress. If that’s the case, you need a mattress with solid edges. Hybrid beds provide better side support than foam or latex beds.

Adaptation to Adjustable Bed Frames

People with certain medical conditions must sleep in a reclined position. Mattresses made of memory foam or latex are usually suitable for adjustable beds. Hybrid coils must be individually covered in hybrid designs.

Sleep Trial

The expanded sleep test will help you determine whether your new bed is right for you. The majority of mattress companies provide a 100-day trial period, but some allow customers to test mattresses for up to a year.

Final Thoughts

Finding an excellent mattress to prevent bedsores should not be a hassle.

There are many options available to us. Remember to use pressure-relieving materials and ensure that the suppleness is appropriate. In order to prevent pressure ulcers, you might also want to avoid extremely hugging your mattress.

Even if you aren’t certain what to choose, allow me to suggest my preferred – the hybrid by Saatva. The mattress is designed to provide targeted support. By keeping your back aligned during the night, you can minimize pressure factors and prevent stress from building. An encouraging style (along with a luxurious pillow-top) can help prevent bedsores.


Ginny Bass

Researcher in the sleep and mattress industry at The Deep Sleep Consultancy. Ginny has over five years of experience enhancing people's sleep quality. When she is not writing, she plays football and volleyball, drinks red wine, and relaxes in a bubble bath.