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Best Mattress For Restless Sleeper (Updated 2022)


Restless sleeping is caused by a variety of factors, including physical discomfort, psychological stress, and poor rest. Also included in the list are jolting noises, sweltering or chilly rooms, heartburn, acid indigestion, diabetes, breathing issues, including sleep apnea, and anxiety. If you think you have a more serious reason for your agitated resting, consult your doctor.

We have seen what restless sleepers truly value in a good night’s sleep from numerous restless sleepers. They want a quiet resting environment, comfortable bed linens, as well as a cool sleeping surface.

best mattress for restless sleeper

Which Mattresses Are Good For Restless Sleepers?

Those who suffer from restless sleep need mattresses that are comfortable in all sleeping positions without being too hot to make them feel trapped or overheated.

Memory foam, for example, is renowned for its conforming properties.

On the other hand, pocket coil mattresses are more comfortable and allow you to adjust them more easily.

This is why hybrid mattresses are typically the most comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers?

The mattress evaluation team at CCtiWdc carefully assessed mattresses designed to relieve back pain and reduce activity while you sleep so that you are less likely to awaken in the middle of the night.
Listed below are the 10 best mattress for restless sleepers, including a great selection of foam and hybrid options. 

10 Best Mattress for Restless Sleepers


dreamcloud mattress

The DreamCloud company has three of the best hybrid mattresses available, making it among the best.

DreamCloud offers the most effective support, pressure relief, and cashmere mix top on the market.

Sleep all night with the DreamCloud Premier, which offers fluffy dreams without giving up assistance.

With its 16″ cushion top as well as ‘Buy Now and Also Pay Later’ financing from Affirm and also 365 night trial, the DreamCloud Premier Rest offers the maximum level of luxury, comfort, and support.

Bear Mattress

bear mattress

Bear Mattress mattresses have gained rave reviews from customers.

Budget-conscious athletes prefer Bear Original memory foam, Bear Hybrid memory foam is ideal for pressure relief, while Bear Pro memory foam is ideal for cooling and also contouring.

The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress features cooling foams and zoned support to offer a luxurious sleeping experience.

Featuring Celliant ® fibers as well as copper air conditioning, these mattresses are designed to be amazing at cooling, reducing muscle pain, and supporting the back.

Tuft And Needle

Tuft & Needle's Mint Mattress

Tuft & Needle’s T&N Original Mattress has caused a significant mix in the mattress market because of its low cost and all-foam construction.

The company has since developed two more ingenious designs: The Hybrid and The Mint, both of which offer excellent pressure relief.

Furthermore, the Mint Mattress cover layer was just recently updated with antimicrobial protection.

Customers have praised T&N’s three mattresses and also 100,000 positive reviews.


The WinkBed

The mattresses at WinkBeds are manufactured in the USA and feature high-quality materials.

Over the years, the company has developed both an all-foam and a latex hybrid mattress, in addition to its classic hybrid.

WinkBeds mattresses are highly praised by customers and reviewers alike, making it one of the top brands to consider.


Nectar Lush Mattress

Nectar is regarded as among one of the most popular brand names of mattresses, and it has actually reinvented the all-foam mattress sector with designs that concentrate on globally comfy firmness and assistance.

Consumers who have selected the Nectar Premier & Premier Copper have reported better cooling and superior pressure relief.

In addition to a full year trial and a “permanently” guarantee, thick materials for the price, as well as funding from Affirm, it is a great option for value-conscious purchasers.

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding

A quality-focused company, Brooklyn Bedding produces mattresses in several suppleness options.

As Brooklyn Bed linens owns their own manufacturing facility in Arizona where all of their mattresses are made, they can offer their clients competitive rates and excellent value.

Additionally, you can also checkout their specialty brand names: ultra-firm Slab Mattress, plus-size-friendly Titan Mattress, latex Blossom Mattress, eco-friendly Ecosleep, but also cooling down Thrust Sleep.


Founded in 1994 in Canada, Polysleep is a brand that specializes in all-foam mattresses which are available throughout the United States and Canada. 
Using antimicrobial foam to reduce the growth of microorganisms is just one of their specialties. 
Many consumers report positive experiences with the company’s mattress options, which range from budget-friendly to luxurious.

Loom And Leaf

Loom And Leaf

Despite being just 12 inches thick, this mattress contains several layers of durable foam that properly cradle the spine while reducing stress factors.

You may be irritated if your mattress does not support your back or spinal column correctly.

Loom and Leaf has a medium firm option that is approved by chiropractic specialists and other spine specialists. The thick layer of this option ensures long-term durability.


nolah mattress
Nolah developed its own foam, called Nolah AirFoam ®, in response to memory foam mattresses.
It maintains much less warmth than other memory foams or viscoelastic foams.
It is also gentler on hips and shoulders than even premium memory foam.
In addition to being more durable, Nolah’s testers say it is ideal for side sleepers. Everyone can find a perfect fit with Nolah’s wide selection of mattresses!


Awara Mattress

The two hybrid mattresses manufactured by Awara are GreenGuard Gold certified, offering even more value than the majority of other latex mattress manufacturers.

Whatever your preference, you can rest assured that a mattress purchase from Awara is eco-friendly due to their certification with the Jungle Alliance and partnership with Trees For The Future to plant a tree for each mattress purchased.

Awara combines a receptive soft feel with a firmer feeling to provide relief to sleepers.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Restless Sleepers

Motion Isolation

When you move around a lot in bed, you wake up your partner and disturb their sleep.

At CCTiWdc, our mattress expert examines “motion transfer” as a critical factor when evaluating mattresses. While it is pretty common for someone to alternate sleeping positions constantly, this can be quite annoying for the person with whom she or he shares the bed.
A great bed will help you sleep better and have fewer nights of tossing and turning. By investing in a good mattress that allows you to rest well and does not promote motion transfer, you will experience better, continuous sleep, which allows your body to rejuvenate.

Mattresses made from memory foam absorb movements and reduce movement transfer, so you won’t be awakened by your partner moving around in bed.

Firmness that can be customized

Having the option to customize both side of the bed is most definitely a plus for any mattress, but especially for couples whose activities are transferred as a result of restless sleep.

You can adjust the firmness of the mattress according to the comfort level of each sleeper, which reduces movement transfer between them.

Using adjustable bases might be an option

With adjustable bases, you can change the position of each side independently from a sitting or lying position to a resting or reading position.

What are the Best Mattress Materials and Constructions for Preventing Restless Sleep?

Memory foam is considered the most effective material for motion seclusion because of its natural conforming properties. The benefits of memory foam include soothing pressure factors, easing and preventing pain, as well as promoting proper spinal alignment.

Latex is a natural product that is extremely comfortable and does a great job of distributing weight evenly. Contrary to memory foam, Latex is very resilient as well as receptive, so you will certainly feel as though you are sleeping on top of the mattress, instead of inside of it. Latex is also incredibly comfortable to sleep on.

Hybrid coil mattresses provide exceptional motion isolation, optimal support, as well as pressure relief. In addition, these mattresses sleep well due to the filched coil structure that allows air to flow freely. Some mattresses are bouncier than others and may cause motion transfer, which can be problematic when sharing a bed.

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