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Best Queen Mattress for Guest Room


This guide shows you how to select the right queen mattress for your guest room using this simple buying guide. A comfortable and supportive sleeping surface will be appreciated by your guests, and your body will too. It’s not reasonable to expect them to sleep on a lumpy bed.

It is important to choose the right firmness. Compared to an air mattress, an innerspring mattress provides more support in a guest room. Traditional innerspring mattresses are also more durable than their air counterparts, ensuring that your guests will sleep well at night. You may want to consider an innerspring bed if you’re on a budget.

For the guest room, you can select a medium-firm or a soft mattress. It provides firm support regardless of your sleeping position, making it a great option for guest rooms. You can, however, add a soft mattress topper to add an additional layer of comfort. In contrast to the old foam mattresses of the past, today’s mattresses use advanced materials that move air and control temperature.

best queen mattress for guest room

1. Layla Sleep Mattress

Layla sleep mattresses may be perfect for your guest room if you frequently change your sleeping preferences. The proprietary materials ensure a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. A dual-contruction allows for a flexible range of support and firmness. The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. You can always return the mattress if you’re concerned about the comfort of your guests. You can return Layla sleep mattresses for a full refund if you are unsatisfied.

You can choose a Layla hybrid mattress that is firmer or softer depending on the size of your guest room. Hybrid mattresses are rarely flippable. They cushion pressure points and reduce pain. Firmer sides have more foam, softer sides have less. If your guest room only gets a few visitors, consider a firmer Layla sleep mattress.

Layla sleep mattresses have two layers. A 3” thick memory foam with copper infusion is included in the first mattress. A transition layer is placed next to the softer side. A firmer side may be more comfortable if you are uncomfortable. It is more comfortable for side sleepers to sleep on the softer surface, while stomach and back sleepers prefer the firmer surface.

2. Nolah Sleep Mattress

The Nolah Sleep Mattress is what you need if you don’t have a full size bed in your guest room but need a comfortable bed. It is made of high-density foam and provides a high level of support and springiness for both guest rooms and your own bedroom. AirFoam, a proprietary polyfoam material with high resilience, is the core material of the Nolah Original mattress. On a scale of 1 to 5, it is medium firm and has a medium feel. The cover is made of Tencel lyocell, an extremely soft and breathable material.

There are four to five layers of foam in Nolah’s mattress, with a high-density core that is seven inches thick. As a result, the softer layers are supported and the mattress is prevented from sagging. Although the edges are not perfect, they are firm enough to prevent dents and dips. The mattresses from Nolah are designed to last for at least eight years.

A box is included with the Nolah Original. After unpacking, it must be allowed to expand for 48 hours. Before putting it in your own bedroom, it is recommended to break it in for 30 days. Nolah offers a 100 percent refund if you’re not happy with the mattress. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Nolah will arrange to have your old mattress picked up by a courier, recycled, or donated to charity.

3. Saatva Classic

You might be wondering whether the Saatva Classic is the right mattress for your guest room if you are thinking about getting a new mattress. There are several different styles and sizes available from the company, and they are all customizable. Choose from three different firmness levels, or get the same style in a split California king size. The youth version is available in twin XL and full sizes.

Saatva Classic offers excellent support and contours, with two layers of coils for excellent comfort. Although it’s not as firm as some mattresses, it’s still extremely comfortable, and it’s made with eco-friendly materials. Other types of mattresses arrive compressed in a box, but the Saatva does not.

If you want a traditional box spring mattress or a foam mattress, the Saatva Classic is the best option. It offers great support and contours with its two coil layers. These mattresses are similar to those used in hotels, which is why many people prefer them. The advantages of memory foam include superior contouring, pressure relief, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for a guest room.

4. Sweetnight Mattress

If you have a guest room, the first question is, “Would this Sweetnight Mattress work in it?”. How often guests will use the bed, who they are, and what their needs are will influence the answer. An elderly relative may benefit from a guest room after a long day at work. Those with allergies should also take these factors into account. You may wish to opt for a spring mattress made of conventional materials if you plan on using the bed every day. Keeping the mattress clean poses a significant challenge for guest rooms. 

After sitting dormant for months, a guest bed can develop a musty smell, so it must be replaced with a new one. A medium-firm mattress will hug your body shape without feeling constrained, since it has a medium-firm feel. The convoluted layer of this mattress allows air to circulate throughout the bed and prevents overheating.

Latex, which is derived from rubber trees, is used in the Sweet Night mattress. It provides a perfect balance of support and comfort, making it a very comfortable mattress. The back sleeper and lightweight sleepers will also find the mattress to be very comfortable. Be aware, however, that the weight the bed will need to support will be determined by the size of the guests.

5. Puffy Mattress

Is Puffy Mattress suitable for guest rooms? This is a common question from potential buyers. However, you should not feel compelled to buy it if it is not suitable for your guest room. First of all, make sure you know the type of guest room that you intend to use the Puffy Mattress for. The answer will depend on the type of guests you will be inviting and their sleeping habits.

Secondly, you should check the cost. The Puffy Mattress is quite expensive and will end up consuming a significant portion of your budget. This is because you can purchase it at a discounted rate, which is always a plus! The best thing about this mattress is that it has over a thousand five-star reviews. The Puffy’s unique foam composition conforms to the body and provides firm support. This is a great benefit for guests who are on the lookout for a quality guest mattress. Lastly, the cost will make a difference, as the price tag for a bed might not be the first thing you will consider.

As a guest room mattress, a Puffy mattress is a great choice. With over 10,000 5 star reviews, this mattress is a popular choice for guest rooms. It has a medium-firm feel, which falls between 6 and eight on a firmness scale of one to ten. As such, it adapts to any sleeping position and is suitable for a guest room. Lastly, it can be easily placed on a bed base.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Guest Room?

Depending on your needs, a guest room mattress can be very firm, soft, or medium-firm. A medium-firm mattress provides great support for most sleep positions, and a soft top is optional. While most of today’s mattresses are made of foam, copper is a popular choice, which helps to move air and regulate temperature. While this is not an ideal solution for every guest room, it may be the best choice for your guest room.

When purchasing a guest mattress, consider the following factors. Ensure that the mattress fits the bed frame. A mattress that sags may be uncomfortable for your guests. If you have an innerspring bed, you will likely experience painful mornings when the coils sag. A memory foam mattress is more durable, but it will sag. Adding a mattress protector can extend its life. The wrong bed frame will also cause the mattress to sag.

A memory foam mattress is very durable. It will not sag if used for a long time. If you plan on rotating it around a lot, a memory foam mattress may be the perfect choice for your guest room. Its firmness will keep your guest comfortable for many years. When shopping for a guest room mattress, it’s important to measure the existing bed’s size and the bed’s frame or foundation.

When shopping for a guest mattress, consider what type of guests will be staying in your guest room. Considering the type of guest you’ll have over the next several months, you can buy a mattress that’s affordable for the guests. Choosing a latex foam mattress is the best choice for the budget-conscious guest. A latex foam mattress is firm and hypoallergenic and is also a good choice for the guest room. A combination bed is a good option for any sleeper.

The type of guest room mattress you choose should meet the needs of various guests. Guests may be staying for a night or for weeks. Some will only stay for a few nights, while others may stay for several months or even weeks. Older guests will also need a firmer mattress, which is ideal for their mobility. They may be prone to back pain while sleeping, so choose a firm mattress that meets their preferences.

While an innerspring mattress is a good choice for a guest room, you should always make sure it’s durable enough to handle heavy guests. The right mattress will have enough support for the weight of the guests, but the price of the mattress will depend on the material of the cover and the comfort of the guests. A medium-firm bed is likely to last for a long time. And while an innerspring is comfortable and affordable, it might be too soft or too firm for an elderly relative.

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