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eLuxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress
(Updated Review 2022)

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eLuxury’s 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress dispels the myth that memory foam mattresses are expensive.

eLuxury’s mission is to provide customers with an extensive array of top quality bed linen products at even lower prices than the average industry price. Apart from the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress, many other beds are available from the company:

Several products are included in this 12-inch Gel Memory Foam and also Latex Crossbreed mattress, which is supported by an innerspring core.

A 10-inch “eLux” Memory Foam design with a thinner, one-inch memory foam comfort layer is available on

The 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress gives customers deep contouring without blowing their budget. Thanks to its three-inch memory foam convenience system, this mattress provides pressure relief and movement isolation.

Our evaluations of this mattress’ building, rates, and performance could help you determine whether it is the perfect option for your requirements and also comfort choices.

eluxury gel memory foam mattress

Overview of eLuxury Mattress

An in-depth evaluation of a mattress’ construction plays an essential role in determining just how it does and also feels.
The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress includes two layers of foam, and it has little embellishment. Gel-infused memory foam makes up the top layer, also known as the comfort layer. Using this foam layer, the mattress offers substantial contouring, reducing stress points and hugging the body. Gel mixtures are made to reduce heat accumulation that can affect conventional memory foam. The density of this layer is poor for a memory foam convenience layer at 3 extra pounds per cubic foot (PCF).
The second layer of a mattress is its support core. In a mattress, the second layer is a base polyfoam layer. This material provides stability to the mattress and prevents it from drooping excessively. Its thickness is 1.8 PCF, as expected for an assistance polyfoam of this type.
80% of the cover is polyester and 20% is spandex on the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress. This mix makes the mattress both soft and smooth. If the cover is removed, the mattress is easier to clean.
Mattress firmness is Medium Firm (6 ), which is within the range that is comfortable for most people.

Price and Sizing of
eLuxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The eLuxury brand name focuses on producing top quality mattress at an affordable price point. Offering a three-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam without breaking the bank, it illustrates the business’ commitment to top quality. If you are interested in acquiring a bed with a three-inch layer of memory foam, this Gel Memory Foam Mattress is for you. In spite of its reduced density and the possibility of causing long-term damage, this 10-inch mattress can still offer years of comfortable sleep and a good return on your investment. Although this 10-inch mattress is offered in all 6 typical sizes, some of these sizes are not offered on the eLuxury website. Based on’s size accessibility, the pricing below is taken from its item page.

SizeDimensionsHeight WeightPrice
Twin39 inch x 75 inch10 inchNot ApplicableView Price
Twin XL39 inch x 80 inch10 inchNot ApplicableView Price
Full54 inch x 75 inch10 inchNot ApplicableView Price
Queen60 inch x 80 inch10 inchNot ApplicableView Price
King76 inch x 80 inch10 inchNot ApplicableView Price
California King72 inch x 84 inch10 inchNot ApplicableView Price

Performance of
eLuxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Motion Isolation


The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress also offers better motion isolation than comparable mattresses. As a result, memory foam comfort layers press where weight is applied, preventing activity from traveling across the surface of the bed. Particularly couples with sleep disruptions can benefit greatly from motion isolation, allowing them to sleep through the night with less difficulty.

Pressure Relief


The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress provides pressure relief symmetrical to the weight placed on the comfort layer. Memory foam is prominent among people with sharp stress points because it offers a customized feel that allows it to better accommodate areas that require extra support. By doing so, you can not only reduce the pressure on the shoulders and hips, but you can also maintain your spine in a proper position.



Several memory foam mattresses, including the eLuxury mattress, have difficulty controlling their temperature. As the contoured design of memory foam makes it difficult for air to disperse around the body, the skin becomes hotter. Furthermore, foam absorbs heat; as a result, it becomes softer, embraces the body more, thereby reducing airflow. The comfort layer of this mattress uses gel to reduce the rate of heat absorption, yet it still retains heat much quicker than other mattresses. A temperature control that is below average might not be a problem for some people, but it can be problematic for people who sleep hot.

Edge Support


Memory foam mattresses, including the eLuxury mattress, have two characteristics that contribute to poor side support. First, the foam contours inward around the perimeter. The slow rebound of memory foam makes it easier to feel as if it is giving way beneath you. While the thick foam of the support core provides a solid base, the top three inches of foam can feel unstable when resting or lying near the edge. For people who value edge-to-edge security, the eLuxury mattress may not be the best choice.

Ease of Movement


The lack of responsiveness and contouring may make people feel like they are penetrating memory foam. The result may be that you feel like you are sleeping in the bed instead of on the mattress when you move around. Those who like to move about freely on their bed or change their sleeping position often may not enjoy the eLuxury mattress.cteristics that contribute to poor side support. First, the foam contours inward around the perimeter. The slow rebound of memory foam makes it easier to feel as if it is giving way beneath you. While the thick foam of the support core provides a solid base, the top three inches of foam can feel unstable when resting or lying near the edge. For people who value edge-to-edge security, the eLuxury mattress may not be the best choice.



eLuxury Memory Foam’s minimal bounce and weak side make it unsuitable for sex. Embedding in the bed can decrease movement and some individuals find this to be a barrier to sex. The memory foam reduces joint pain throughout sex, but its lack of responsiveness leads to a below-average rating in this category.



When unboxed for the first time, eLuxury mattresses tend to have an odor that is worse than most mattresses. Memory foam beds with a substantial layer are susceptible to this problem. The cause is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are produced in the manufacturing process and also become trapped inside the plastic packaging when the bed is compressed. VOCs may smell unpleasant, but they are not harmful. The problem is short-lived and should pass in a few days or sooner if your bedroom is well ventilated.

A Comparison of
Sleeping Styles and Body Weight

To determine which mattress is best for an individual, it is necessary to take into account their sleeping style and weight.

Side Sleepers

When lying on your side, the biggest parts of your body will push right into the mattress, which means that for many people there will be more pressure at the shoulders and hips. This can result in painful friction, but if the bed is too soft, these joints will sink into the mattress too much and this is not consistent with the rest of the body. To find the right balance, side sleepers usually look for mattresses that are Tool Soft to Tool Firm, with mild to deep contouring. Its firmness and adaptability make the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress a good option for side sleepers. There are a few side sleepers who weigh less than 130 extra pounds who may find it difficult as well as some who weigh over 230 pounds who would probably find that there is excess penetrating the convenience layer.

Back Sleepers

Sleepers who sleep on their backs should pay attention to the lower back. In order to provide proper spinal support, a mattress must have just enough softness and hug to fit the spine, yet be strong enough to prevent the stomach from sinking too deeply into the mattress. Due to these demands, back sleepers are generally attracted to medium to firm mattresses. While the eLuxury mattress can satisfy the needs of some back sleepers, particularly those under 230 pounds, many find its deep contouring to be too much, particularly if they weigh over 230 pounds.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers prefer to avoid the feeling of being enveloped by their bed by lying face-down on a mattress. The lower back needs to be firm enough so that the stomach won’t sag and make a U-shaped bend. Due to this, belly sleepers generally need a medium-firm to firm mattress with moderate contouring, and the eLuxury mattress is not a good choice for them. Nonetheless, stomach sleepers under 130 extra pounds do not sink as strongly into the convenience system and may find the Tool Company feel of the eLuxury mattress to be a useful option.

Sleep Trial, Mattress Warranty, and Shipping Policies

Sleep Trial

eLuxury offers a 120-night sleep trial if the mattress is purchased directly from the company. eLuxury works with consumers to arrange pick-up of the mattress if you decide it isn’t right for you and would like to return it. It is a risk-free test without restocking or return delivery fees.

Generally, when purchasing a sleep trial from Amazon, there are several terms attached. The Amazon return policy allows for a thirty-day return period, and any return must be coordinated with Amazon, not eLuxury.

eLuxury Mattress Warranty

There is a 10-year minimum service warranty offered by eLuxury, but the fine print as well as certain terms are not conveniently available on the internet site.

eLuxury Mattress Shipping Policies

eLuxury offers free shipping and returns to the 48 contiguous states. Mattresses are packaged for shipping by compressing them in plastic, securing them in boxes, and then delivering them to your residence by ground shipping. All you have to do is bring the packaging inside and also remove the mattress from the packaging to allow it to regain its full size. It usually takes two people to relocate the box and install the mattress for many customers.

Those who wish to order directly from eLuxury outside of the contiguous United States should contact the company for a price quote.

Mattresses are also delivered in boxes when purchased on Amazon, but prices vary based on your location as well as whether you subscribe to Prime.

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